Would you like to possess over 100 secrets to overcoming clutter in your home, office and life–instantaneously?

Read these 101 strategies to learn how to really clear, cleanse and organize your world!

  • Dozens of ways to clean out, organize and bring order to your home, your environment and your life!
  • Positive thinking? Not this time! Strategy #2 shows you how to use the power of negative thinking to cut through the clutter.
  • 12 “Ways of thinking” that can sabotage your best efforts and how to overcome them instantly!
  • “Situational Organization” a quick trick to give you back space that clutter has taken.
  • 10 ultra-quick (ten minute) de-cluttering techniques!
  • 37 ways to “out-think” clutter!
  • One minute wisdom from Ron Alford the man who invented the word, “disposophobia.”
  • Brief thoughts for the “long haul” from Melissa Pusateri, president and founder of AMO (America’s Most Organized)!
  • Motivational methodologies for those days when you need to supercharge your thinking and overcome your own mental energy sappers.
  • How to develop an “anti-clutter” attitude that can serve you for the rest of your life!
  • How to develop mental muscles that enable you to get organized and stay that way in spite of your old habits.
  • Small changes produce big results. Check out over a dozen tips that make it easy for you to develop new, clutter free techniques!
  • Discover Ron Alford’s ultimate secret weapon for overcoming inertia.

And more, much more!

This book isn’t one of those, “put everything in a box, shove it under your bed and go rent a storage space,” fix-it pamphlets. This is the real thing. Good, solid approaches to getting your home, office and life cleaned up, cleared out and livable—then keeping it that way. Written and edited by two of the Titans of the organizational community, Ron Alford and Melissa Pusateri. And by Steven LaVelle a life consultant who awakened one day to discover he had to move seven truck loads of accumulated books, tapes, videos and other detritus in order to reclaim his home!

This is not a “Susie Home Maker” give-everything-a-good-scrubbing, hand-book. It is a primer for people who are serious about reclaiming their homes, offices and lives from mountains of clutter, lost bills, disappearing keys, and piles they have to walk around, work around and live with.

This edition is for hard core clutterers who want their lives back and are willing to make a few simple, basic changes in order to reap great benefits.

In short, this book is for you or someone you love who needs to get back on track so they can live a fuller, richer, healthier life.

Best of all it is an ebook! So you won’t end up adding it to the clutter of newspapers, old coupons and unread paperbacks!

Get organized today! Bring order to your home, your family, your office and your life!

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